HeartShare Club

HeartShare Club is an LA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for aspiring artists.

HeartShare Club’s goal is to connect and ameliorate our community by using our artistic talents. Heartshare members are able to utilize their abilities to support the elderly by teaching and participating in student-held art activities.

Through this, they are able to grow their perspectives of the world and enhance their art, interactive, and communication skills. As we welcome all members regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or gender, we aim to be a club that raises leaders that are able to ignite change within this chaotic world, starting with our community.


HeartShare Club is a Mid-Wilshire based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for aspiring artists 13 years and older. Starting out with five original charter members in November of 2013, we have started to expand. We yearn for as many members as possible who are willing to commit to our cause.

Artistic talent being an intangible resource, our goal is to make our abilities tangible. We attempt to do this by teaching art to the less fortunate, painting free for people in need, and doing anything possible to better our community through the means of art.

We raise money through exhibitions where we sell our paintings. We also paint murals which we are then later paid for. We gain money any way possible that incorporates our talents. All our money goes to the cause, and we guarantee full transparency for all financial activity related to our organization.

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